7eye Airshield Sunglasses

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Eyes can become dry and irritable outdoors. Wind, low humidity, dust and pollen cause dryness, excessive watering, itching and redness. 7eye outdoor eyewear eliminates wind, dust, and pollen from the eyes! The removable, replaceable seal behind the frame presses gently around the eyes forming a seal from the environment.

7eye are available in a range of filter colours, contrasts, self darkening and polarized lenses. 7eye are ideal for sports, and general purpose.

7eye are also ideal for dry eye as they provide the wearer with a humid moisture chamber. Humidity often reduces dry eye symptoms.

AirShield, with a Seal Protection Factor of 100, is made to provide maximum protection. Its patented Orbital Seal™ uses filtered vents to manage airflow and create a comfortable environment for your eyes. AirShield’s rugged, non-air-permeable construction blocks wind, glare and airborne irritants from interfering with your vision. Its fast-drying fabric overcoat quickly absorbs and wicks away moisture.

Filtered vents Block fine dust and pollen, as well as wind. Contour foam is unaffected by weather and is resistant to perspiration and grime, allowing for a longer lasting, more comfortable wear. Foam insert is replacable. Please contact us for price and availability.

No matter how mild or severe your dry eye symptoms are, the special protection provided by 7eye can help. Like old-fashioned moisture chamber goggles that have been used for years to reduce extreme dry eye symptoms, glasses from 7eye help retain corneal moisture and block evaporation.

Airshield frames are available with a lanyard for improved security, carry bag and case

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