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Intense Pulsed Light (IPL)

Quick Facts:

  • Intense pulsed light has been used since (circa) 1994 in cosmetic/aesthetic medicine.
  • Uses a flash-lamp to pulse selected high intensity light onto targeted skin tissue.
  • The flash duration, intensity and wavelength are controlled and modifyable
  • The most common uses of IPL include hair removal, reduction of fine superficial epidermal blood vessels; rosacea, acne, cosmetic lines and wrinkles, and various forms of benign keratoses.
  • Rolando Toyos, discovered the benefits of IPL for dry eye in 2002 whilst treating rosacea and subsequently developed the dry eye protocol for IPL
  • There are various peer reviewed publications supporting the use of IPL to treat dry eye.
  • IPL may be particularly effective when used to treat the vascular complications of dry eye, rather than tear flow abnormalities alone.
  • Lumenis M22 IPL is the technology of choice currently approved in Australia for treating dry, red, irritated (or inflamed) eyes. 

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