Australia’s Dry Eye Centre of Excellence

Family Eye Care

The Dry Eye Centre™ provides eye care for the whole family and continues to offer full scope optometry services. Children’s and adults’ eyes should be checked at least every two years. If needs arise, examinations may be more frequent. The Dry Eye Centre™ examinations evaluate vision, anterior and retinal health, and binocular vision function. Some eye conditions are also strongly inherited. If you are visiting us because of a known eye condition, please discuss this with us, as it may be advisable to consider booking a family checkup.

Digital Imaging

Our eye-testing and eye-health examinations use advanced digital imaging techniques to provide you and your family with sound advice about your eye-health. Imaging is available for the retina as well as the front of the eye. Our optometrists will discuss which services are most likely beneficial during the examination.

Eyewear and Contact Lenses

The Dry Eye Centre™ stocks a range of inexpensive and designer eyewear and sunglasses. We can also process your health fund claims at the time of your consultation. You’re welcome to come in and browse.

In addition, we can supply a range of contact lens options. In particular we are currently conducting research on the new Alcon Dailies Total 1 Lens. Eyewear and contact lenses are an important aspect of ocular surface health and very much part of the Dry Eye Centre’s expertise.

Referral Services

Sometimes it is necessary to seek specialist advice in a particular area of eye care. The Dry Eye Centre™ is able to provide referrals to a range of eye-care specialists. In addition, we co-manage cataract and refractive surgical specialist services.

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