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About the Dry Eye Centre™

When our clinic began in 2003, the principle optometrists brought a strong work ethic and dedication to excellence in eye care.  With therapeutic endorsements achieved in 2006 for the prescription of ocular medicines, services at the clinic began to focus on treatment of a range of ocular surface conditions, including dry eye, the fitting of specialty contact lenses and the co-management of cataract.

With frequent changes in technology and an ever-evolving body of research our optometrists’ knowledge-base has grown and our expertise has become widely known.  We are actively involved in clinical research, authors of academic literature, and recognised as leaders in dry eye care in Australia.  Our additional keen focus on, and active involvement in encouraging an evidence based approach to treatment has established our reputation as trusted and reliable.

The Dry Eye Centre™ is Australia’s most advanced dry eye clinic. Our diagnostic services  incorporate state-of-the-art equipment and our treatments are the most advanced available. Our mission is to create a facility where people can gain an improved understanding of their condition, in an environment where their symptoms and experiences are validated and their long term management and care plans are implemented.

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