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Oculocin Propo for Dry Eye


  • A “Natural” eye-drop for reducing bacteria and inflammation in dry eye
  • Active ingredients: Propolis, Aloe Vera, Chamomilla
  • Active agents: Phenols, Aloins & Emodins
  • Preservative free
  • Suitable for long term use; no antibiotics, no stinging, no known side effects

Cure for Dry Eyes


  • Dry Eye is usually thought of as a chronic and progressive condition.
  • Whilst some people find ways to achieve permanent relief of their symptoms, it is true to say that there is no cure for Dry Eye.
  • Dry eye is a bit like the common cold, where there are lots of different types and lots of remedies; some remedies work better than others and some work for some people, but not for others.
  • At the Dry Eye Centre™, we are experts in understanding the different causes of Dry Eye and the best ways to treat it. This is good news, because for most people Dry Eye is at least managable.

If you you would like to learn how to manage your Dry Eyes better Contact Us or visit our Home Page for more information.

Eye Drops

All eye drops for dry eye are not made equal!

  • They include lubricatants, anti allergy reliefs, anti-inflammatories, anti-infectives and even tear stimulants.
  • Some contain preservatives which are potentially harmful. Others contain neutralising preservatives and others are preservative free.
  • Eye drops are usually used in the first stage of treatment for dry eye. Understanding which eye drop(s) to use is not easy. Some can cause you more harm than good; some have rebound effects; others may be unsuited to your condition
  • The Dry Eye Centre™ can help you understand eye drops; when and how to use them and what to do when they don’t work.

If you you would like to learn when, how, and which eye drops may work the best for you, or if you have never found an eye drop that works Contact Us or visit our Home Page for more information.

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